Brad P. Christy


Born and raised in Iowa, most of Brad’s childhood was spent living in the rural town of Williamsburg, Iowa.  Like most kids in the area, he worked in the corn fields in the summer and enjoyed playing sports during the school year.  But, it was his unique, and sometimes questionably macabre, imagination that set him apart from his peers. After high school, Brad joined the Iowa Army National Guard as a Military Paralegal and started college, working toward a degree in Criminal Justice. 

In 1997, he decided to leave college and the National Guard for a career in the Active Army JAG Corps.  Since then, he has traveled to seventeen different countries, including a deployment to Iraq, and has lived in four different States.

In 2003, he met his soon-to-be wife, Cindy, and they were married in 2004.  His life would never be the same as she encouraged him to turn his hobby of writing short stories for family and friends into a career. 

​In 2013, Brad went back to school and changed his major to English and Creative Writing, where he excelled academically and earned a Bachelors of Arts in 2015 with honors.  He is now perusing a Masters in the same. 

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