Young Adult Adventure

​Having heard her brother's voice crying out from the great beyond, Lucidia Whitman isn’t about to let high school, her parents, her flaky best friend or even a little thing like death keep her from making sure he is alright.  After accidentally passing away, Lucidia is cast into the strange world of the afterlife, landing at the epicenter of a scheme to plunge the universe into chaos, a scheme that has already claimed her brother and countless others.  In the scramble to save herself, her new friends, and reunite with her brother, Lucidia is manipulated by the charismatic and sinister Voland.  With the universe in the balance, can she muster the courage and wit to foil Voland’s plan, or will the forces of evil win the day? 

Lucidia (the first draft) received praise at the Writers' League of Texas world-wide manuscript competition (Young Adult category) as a top five finalist.

​This project is currently undergoing copy editing.

​I will be looking for representation in the near future concerning this project.