FunDead Publications (2017) -

Things We do for Love

​Follow an everyday college student, someone who could be that awkward kid in the back, your best friend, or even yourself, as he travels a dark path from infatuation to murder. Love, even if it’s one sided, is a powerful thing. What would you do for the one you love?

O' Horrid Night Anthology (2016) -

'Twas the Fifth of December

​Robby Murphy is caught in a cycle of bullying from his peers and the adults in his life.  To make matters worse, Robby suffers from an undiagnosed form of schizophrenia, and his symptoms become terrifyingly focused after a teacher tells him the story of Krampus to take his mind off of being suspended for fighting.  Are the strange noises and frightening images merely hallucinations brought on by his disorder or is he really being stalked by a supernatural force?

Tales of Krampus Anthology (2016) -

Krampus: The Summoning

​In 'Krampus: The Summoning,' we go back a thousand years to the vengeful beginnings of a Christmas tradition.

​Also available for those of you who liked 'Krampus: the Summoning is the promotional piece 'A Friday so Black' for FREE!!!! Who wouldn't like to read about Krampus on Black Friday?

The Creepy Collection Anthology (2016) -

Angel Dust

​In life, Annette had a hollowness inside of her that could not be filled. She blindly walked an ever-darkening path until there was blood on her hands.  Her family tried to pull her from the brink, but the hollowness became a need that took until nothing of the girl they once knew was left.  In death, that need has endured, turning her into a reluctant predator. After rescuing a boy that reminds her of her little brother, will she truly save him or will the hollowness within her win the day?

Night in New Orleans (2017) -

Welcome to 'Nawlins!

“Baby girl,” said Winston, “This is New ‘Awlins! You won’t find anywhere in the world where you’ll get less of a heads up!” He blew a few notes through his trumpet to accentuate his point. “There’s beauty and love and mystery just waiting to jump out from around every corner, under every street light, and riding every sweet musical note from Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi,” he said with such passion and reverence that he might as well have been describing his all-time favorite dessert. 

Short Stories

Fearful Fathoms (2017) -

Cape Hadel

Cape Hadel is the tale of the lost Research Vessel Cape Hadel and its ill-fated crew. Driven by ambition, the research team ventured too close to a storm at sea, leaving them stranded over the Abyssal Plain without radio capabilities or engines to return home. Now, as crew members start disappearing and paranoia takes hold, the survivors find that some legends of the deep are true… and hungry.

​Also features my poem: Abandon.

Pandora's Box Anthology (2013) -


After George and his girlfriend, Sunny, find a mysterious box in a cave that literally warns against opening it, George succumbs to curiosity, unleashing a horrific virus from Pandora's Box, mutating the locals into monstrous parodies of themselves. It's now up to Sunny to find the box and stop the magical plague before it consumes them all.